Why Forefront? More than just another conference

I’ve spent a lot of time in my career planning and presenting conferences for other people or organizations. Creating Forefront as one of The Procedo Project’s big, new initiatives in some sense felt like a natural first step, but I also wanted it to be different from other offerings that seem to merely deliver a lesser version of their traditional face-to-face model, virtually.  So many of us have shifted to virtual PD with various levels of success and engagement.  Forefront, from its inception, was intended to be offered virtually. 

 Read on to see what to expect:

Content: Everything Through the Lens of Innovation

To be clear, innovation does not always equate with technology.  Innovation is a mindset that challenges us to rethink our methods and what we think of as best practice.  Maybe the way we have always done something is still the best way…maybe not.  How will we know if we don’t question and rethink methodology?  Success itself may need to be redefined because so many other variables have shifted.  No matter what session you choose, presenters are selected because they have something new to say on the subject they are presenting on.

The Keynote

We chose Peter H. Reynolds as our keynote speaker. This choice was no accident.  Peter is not just a popular children’s book author who  can bring out the inner-child in any adult, but his name and journey are synonymous with creativity and innovation.  After being Head of Design at Tom Snyder Production, an original educational software company, Peter’s commitment to bringing nontraditional models of learning to students was solidified.  He founded Fablevision Learning, creating educational applications that inspire creativity in the classroom.  There is no doubt that Peter’s vision, leadership, commitment and creative mindset has helped to create positive outcomes for teachers and students not reaching their potential in a traditional learning model.  Peter, an alumni and advocate for Catholic education, believes like we do, that its future must be created through an innovative lens.

Connections: Multiple Networking and Gathering Options

I miss conferences and travel as much as anyone because I miss spending time with those colleagues I only get to see once or twice a year.  Forefront is designed to bring people together for fun, networking and learning.  We will be connecting attendees through a variety of events including speed networking, topic specific lounges, gamification, social media and special events throughout the 3 days.

Expo Hall: Interactive Virtual Booth Experiences

One of the things I like most about conferences is exploring the expo hall. Not only to collect a swag bag to bring home filled with trinkets for my kids, but I make a lot of valuable relationships and learn what is new from different vendors.  The Procedo Project takes partnership to heart and we are careful to only work with vendors whose mission aligns with ours.  There will be a special slate of activities and vendor sessions available in our virtual expo hall.  You can explore all of the offerings and gatherings provided by our Forefront sponsors. 

Educator Focused: Designed for Practitioners

No matter what your role in education, we want you to give and gain new ideas, tools and perspectives.  All attendees are not only learners, but contributors.  You will leave with a stronger toolbox as well as a new professional learning network.  We have scheduled Forefront over the course of evenings and weekends so you don’t have to get a sub to cover classes or give up much needed  holiday breaks.  You can come and go as you please and experience sessions live or on-demand for up to 30 days after the event.

I have been blessed to make so many connections in Catholic education and have learned from all of you.  I invite you to connect with our community and hope to see you at FOREFRONT 2021.

Andrea D. Chavez-Kopp

Chief Learning Officer

The Procedo Project

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