The Procedo Project

to advance or move forward

The Procedo Project seeks to develop, implement and curate innovative models of Catholic education.  We partner to build capacity toward self-sustaining Catholic schools, serving as beacons for innovative academic and operational practice while continuing to be inspirational communities of faith.

The Procedo Project Guiding Principles:

We believe the schools of tomorrow are being born today; and, strong Catholic schools serve as evangelizing witnesses of faith in action.

We believe Catholic schools have the ability to be self-sustaining and financially viable through innovative practices in education, digital discipleship and community engagement.

We believe Catholic schools have a unique agility and community of support to enact meaningful and impactful change on a large scale, one teacher, one leader and one school at a time.

We believe that “business as usual” is unacceptable for today’s educational landscape and Catholic schools must step up to meet the challenges and opportunities through a lens of innovation.

We believe Catholic education thrives when schools, parishes, communities, stakeholders and partners work in cooperation and support one another.

We believe that tradition and Catholic identity are the driving force for excellence in Catholic education and innovation can enhance them.

We believe innovation is a mindset and a culture that needs to be cultivated and supported long term to create meaningful and sustainable change in Catholic education.