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Upcoming Webinar Events

In cities and towns across the country, there are currently Catholic schools with open seats and students who would love to fill those seats but cannot afford tuition. In this training, Kurt Lewis will teach you how to reframe and reform your financial aid program in order to welcome more students into your school. This is your chance to learn about the Five F’s of Financial Aid which will allow you to approach tuition discounting in a compassionate, responsible, and effective way.

Kurt Lewis will share strategies to help you capture a few more students before school begins again in the fall. Summer can be deceptively long for a marketer. It is crucial that you have a plan in place that allows you to achieve enrollment success but also have time for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

On-Demand Webinars

Bullying is a problem as old as time, but the contributing factors and expression of how bullying shows up in schools today is nuanced and changing. While there is no “one size fits all” solution, there are systems and resources that can be put in place to help school leaders understand what is happening their schools, equip students, teachers and parents in proactively handling school bullying situations and solutions around managing a crisis. This webinar will give an overview of what schools are reporting in regard to bullying trends and some tried and true methods to address the social emotional needs of the children and adults in your community.

In this training, Kurt Lewis will teach you how to improve retention outcomes by providing parents with the attention and information they need. Just like students, parents are differentiated learners. It is critical to communicate with them in a variety of ways. Learn how to identify and then speak each parent’s Love Language.

Marketing and messaging are more than a slogan.  Everything you do (or don’t do) is sending a message about your school, your values and what is important to you.  School leaders can look at even the most mundane tasks as marketing opportunities.  This webinar will examine simple and practical ways in which to message your mission as a school leader to support marketing and enrollment growth.

Learn how to prioritize innovation during the strategic planning process, including how to collect data and use stakeholder feedback to drive a leading-edge decision-making process. This session will incorporate the NESBECs and discuss how to creatively use the budgeting process to enhance operational vitality strategies, helping leaders drive improvement and change.

As the new year rolls around, it is time to examine your recruiting and enrollment strategy.  This webinar will give you tools and tips to make the most of the 2022 enrollment season.