The Procedo Project

Upcoming Webinar Events

The fall semester is always an exciting time, but this year holds new challenges for educators, leaders, staff and students. This event will give some practical tips to help you prioritize your physical and mental health while juggling all of the responsibilities of teaching and leading others.

We are all excited for the new school year, but parents are reasonably concerned about their child’s safety, health and academic well-being after such a challenging year.  This webinar will help school leaders consistently and compassionately message to parents how and what to expect despite many unknowns.   Keeping parents appropriately informed can reduce stress on them, your teachers and you as a leader and give you some breathing room as you navigate the year ahead.

Social justice is more than a topic to be studied, but a value aligned with Catholic identity that can support social emotional teaching and learning.  This webinar will examine how social justice can be infused in the classroom to assist students in developing understanding of the world around them, issues of the day and how they relate to the Catholic social teaching.