The Procedo Project

Upcoming Webinar Events

As the new year rolls around, it is time to examine your recruiting and enrollment strategy.  This webinar will give you tools and tips to make the most of the 2022 enrollment season.

Catholic schools week is a great opportunity to not only celebrate your school, but to tell your story!  This webinar will provide strategies for using Catholic Schools Week as an opportunity to boost marketing and enrollment.


Learn how to prioritize innovation during the strategic planning process, including how to collect data and use stakeholder feedback to drive a leading-edge decision-making process. This session will incorporate the NESBECs and discuss how to creatively use the budgeting process to enhance operational vitality strategies, helping leaders drive improvement and change.

Marketing and messaging are more than a slogan.  Everything you do (or don’t do) is sending a message about your school, your values and what is important to you.  School leaders can look at even the most mundane tasks as marketing opportunities.  This webinar will examine simple and practical ways in which to message your mission as a school leader to support marketing and enrollment growth.

Providing teachers with actionable feedback is an important aspect of a school administrator’s job. This session will provide school leaders with tools on how to address performance concerns, and it will discuss how administrators can continue helping all teachers grow and develop.

School leaders often face challenges as they work to improve their school. This session will help leaders understand how to use mission and vision to guide the school improvement process by paying specific attention to fostering a positive culture and building community.