Managing Parent Expectations in Challenging Times

by Dr. Elise Matson-Dite

“How precious is the family, as the privileged place for transmitting the faith” – Pope Francis.

Catholic schools were given a unique opportunity to shine during the pandemic. Many schools welcomed students in person with robust safety measures ensuring students were able to learn in person. However, in order to launch in person learning successfully, schools needed to effectively communicate with parents, students, teachers and staff to make sure everyone received updates on important safety measures. The need for additional, frequent communication continues into this year when many safety measures are still in place in schools.

The webinar linked below provides school principals with practical ideas on how they can clearly communicate with school stakeholders to continue to instill trust in the community. Dr. Molly Cinnamon, principal at Pope John XXIII in Evanston, IL and Dr. Elise Matson Dite, Chief Learning Officer for The Procedo Project, discussed ways Catholic school leaders can build a culture of family and faith while engaging parents and faculty and staff in the life of the community.

During the webinar, viewers can learn how to create a family culture in a Catholic school, tips to engage parents, and hear ideas on how to foster an environment of family and connectedness in times of crisis. Building a culture of faith, fun and positivity will help everyone in the community feel a sense of connectedness and belonging, no matter what crisis or or events occur.