Supporting Parents As Remote Learning Aides:

The past year has been challenging for schools and families.  Schools have been called upon to support parents in new ways in order for  remote and hybrid learning to be successful.  A few tips for schools to consider when reflecting on their role in supporting parents:
  • Communication is key.  Is there a clear plan of how the school and families communicate that is known to all families?
  • Schedules and screen time are important to consider.  Have school schedules been designed to reflect best practices based on the age of the students?
  • Schools spend time building routines with students.  What suggestions have you provided for parents to help them build routines for school work when students are remote?
  • Technology can pose challenges for families.  How have you helped support families when they run into issues with devices?  Is there an easy way to get in touch with someone for tech support?  
  • Schools have turned to a variety of online platforms for delivering instruction.  What support have you provided to parents so they can assist their students in using the needed programs?
  • An important consideration is keeping the social-emotional welfare of our students and families in mind.  For us as Catholics, that means staying connected to our faith even when we are remote.  How has your school continued to help students practice their faith?  
  • Catholic schools are families.  How have you connected the school family to continue traditions and events while remote or under social distancing restrictions?
Parents have been working alongside schools and teachers for the past year to make remote and hybrid learning work.  For schools, supporting our parents to aid their students is part of our calling to help each student to succeed despite the challenges and rapid changes of remote and hybrid learning.

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