The Procedo Project

Remote Learning and
Hybrid Instruction

Professional Development for 2021 and Beyond

What We Offer

Choose from our professional development offerings or work with us to customize something specific to your school / organizational needs. We specialize in innovative practice and future readiness for Catholic school educators, administrators and students.

Remote Schoolworks

Geared toward the tools and systems you have in place, the Remote SchoolWorks program works with administrators, technology coordinators and teachers to provide live and asynchronous professional development, practical field guides and office hours for individualized help.

Hybrid Learning Summits

Hybrid Learning Summits provide guidance on best practices related to the four pillars of community, communication, assessment and accessibility.  Participants will be given practical examples to design or adapt a hybrid learning model.

Digital Discipleship Summits

Catholic schools have an obligation to move digital citizenship to the next level by infusing Catholicity across the curriculum. Our Digital Discipleship summits can be geared toward a school or parish community of practitioners reinforcing pedagogical competencies through a lens of faith. Our Digital Discipleship summits bring current events, practical skills and safe environment protocols in line with Catholic values and tradition. We will work with your planning team to meet your practitioners where they are with digital skills and help them weave the digital discipleship competencies into their existing practice and programs.

Asynchronous E-Learning

The TeachFlow E-Learning Library provides access to a variety of self-paced professional development offerings focused on innovation in the classroom.