The Procedo Project

Partnership Opportunities

The Procedo Project regularly offers virtual events on trending topics in Catholic education.  Partners interested either in sponsorship of content or of virtual events can connect with Catholic school and ministry leaders in a variety of ways through our interactive professional development events.

The Procedo Project offers opportunities to provide high-quality, free professional development to our Catholic educator communities.  Content partners are carefully selected to provide updated and innovative practice to the Procedo Project community.

The Procedo Project strives to attract and connect Catholic school educators with high quality resources and content for professional and spiritual growth.  Our partners bring valuable and practical content expertise which we are proud to offer to through our relationships in ministry and education.

The Procedo Project curates articles, blogs, resources and news relevant to Catholic education in a monthly newsletter.  Partners can help support the content and distribution of Procedo News!

The Procedo Project hosts a monthly podcast highlighting thought leaders and influencers to discuss trends and issues facing Catholic education.  Partners can support finding exciting voices to share with the Procedo community!

Which partnership is right for you?

Contact us! We will guide you through partnership opportunities and help you decide how to connect your goals with the opportunities available to support Catholic education through  The Procedo Project.