The Procedo Project

Funding Solutions

For Catholic Schools

Federal Programs

The Procedo Project has in-house expertise to assess how your school or diocese is using public funding sources and can help your team ensure they are not only in compliance with federal programs, but are fully utilizing entitlement funds.

We have a host of relationships, expertise and resources to help schools, dioceses and organizations build a well-rounded strategy for innovation, longevity and excellence. Our team can give a comprehensive assessment of where you are and equip you with tools to get you where you want to go.

If you would like to provide professional development and student services but don’t have the financial resources, The Procedo Project can help you navigate the process.

Equitable participation in federal programs have provided great opportunities for private non-public schools to enhance the educational programs for their students and instructional staff.  The Procedo Project is committed to supporting school leaders in navigating through the technical process to ensure equitable funding and high quality programs to Catholic schools.

Amy Kawaguchi
Director, Government Programs